WC Vendors Pro Update v1.4.6 October 16, 2017

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Version 1.4.6 – 16th October 2017

  • Added: New Canada providers thanks Derek.
  • Added: Daily option to reports and orders date pickers
  • Added: Action in commission controller
  • Fixed: Check store name before submission #639
  • Fixed: Admin Default Shipping Settings- Free over $x is being ignored #638
  • Fixed: Product Search pagination broken #637
  • Fixed: Coupon Expiry Displayed Incorrectly #636
  • Fixed: Postcode ranges not working in shipping rates
  • Fixed: QTY override not functioning correctly
  • Fixed: WC Vendors Store Categories Widget displays all vendors’ categories when “Show as dropdown” #612
  • Fixed: Vendor store search breaking menus in all themes #631
  • Fixed: Undefined index when using built in woocommerce search
  • Fixed: Wildcard postcodes not working in shipping #632
  • Fixed: Export csv not working
  • Fixed: Deleted Variation results in an error message on the Pro dashboard #627
  • Fixed: Change fixed_product to Product Discount on Pro Dashboard > Coupons #628
  • Templates Updated:

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