Announcing New Life Time Licenses

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Update: 3rd March 2018 - Lifetime licenses are live for all products now.

Over the past three years I have been working hard to include as many features and updates as possible across all the products.We have had many of our users and potential users ask how the license works and what happens if you don’t renew the license. After some planning and integration work I’m pleased to announce that we are now offering lifetime licenses for our products.

What is a lifetime license?

The new lifetime license means that you pay once for the license and that’s it. You will have lifetime access to all updates and our premium support. This license is still only for one domain and staging/testing server at a time. This does not mean you can install and access support for unlimited sites. As of right now WC Vendors Pro is available with the new license system and in the coming weeks this will be rolled out to all of our products. The license key system will be rolled out to all products.

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Can I upgrade to a lifetime license?

Currently we don’t have a system to allow upgrading from your current annual license to a lifetime license. For now you would wait for your existing license to expire before

What about the Stripe Gateway?

Currently there is no license system integrated into our Stripe Gateway. This has meant a lot of work for us to check if the 1 year license is active or not. We have been lenient to allow people to get free updates even after their license has expired. Unfortunately due to rising costs of support and significant development work required to maintain the gateway this will change. The next version of the Stripe Gateway will include the new license system.This will also mean no more manual updating the Stripe gateway as it will connect into our automated update system for valid license holders.

What does this mean for our existing Stripe Gateway users?

If you have purchased stripe in the last 6 months (September 1st, 2017 on wards ) you can request a license to be generated for you and this will be added to your order. We will announce how this is done in the coming weeks. For those with licenses older than 6 months we will be providing a coupon for your renewal as a thank you.

I know that this may not be the ideal situation for some of our users in regards to the Stripe changes but it needs to be done in order to ensure sustainability of our support and updates.

Thanks for your continued support.


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