WC Vendors 2.0.8 and 2.0.9 Released

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WC Vendors 2.0.8 went out on Monday with some new features and bug fixes. Then a day later 2.0.9 was released to fix a few critical issues introduced in 2.0.8. The reason there was a big issue in 2.0.8 was that we changed how the plugin loads itself to reduce WC Vendors impact on your installs. We now only load WC Vendors classes when they need to be loaded, reducing the memory footprint and what I call a noisy plugin.

Whats New ?


You can now cleanly uninstall WC Vendors via the WC Vendors Settings > Advanced screen. You have the option to remove some or all of the settings, roles and features of WC Vendors.

Assign Media to Vendor

When an admin creates a product and then assigns that product to a vendor, the media wasn’t also assigned to the vendor. This meant that the vendor could only replace the media related to the product but not update or access these files. There is a new option on the assign vendor screens on both the product edit and quick edit screens.You now have the option to

Rename your vendors

Since 2.0.0 was released we quietly worked on changing hard coded references to the Vendor term so that we could add an option to rename vendors. This required slowly changing all the references and as of 2.0.8 all references have now been updated. You can now change how you reference vendors to say artists for example. To do this all you have to do is update the vendor labels. By changing the singular and plural terms you can now change all references with ease.

Sold By Separator

The sold by separated has always been a colon and hardcoded and was difficult to change. This is now a simple label setting to update this to whatever you like.



Version 2.0.9

  • Fixed: Vendor shop pages are in 404
  • Fixed: Become a vendor on my account page goes to a 404 #445
  • Fixed: Call to undefined function wcv_get_settings_mapping() #444
  • Fixed: Typo in separator statement

Version 2.0.8

  • Added: Ability to uninstall the plugin including advanced options
  • Added: Option to assign media to vendor when assigning product
  • Added: All references to vendor changed to an option to rename vendors
  • Added: Sold by separator option #420
  • Added: Multi page select admin setting type
  • Updated: Language files
  • Fixed: Commissions Totals Incorrect in Reports #432
  • Fixed: Paypal Manual payout not working #430
  • Fixed: Class loading issues #427
  • Fixed: Vendor Featured product shortcode not working #418
  • Fixed: Vendor Top rated products shortcode not working #417
  • Fixed: Unable to use image settings type for admin settings



The update will show up in your plugins updates within the next 24 hours from WordPress.org


If you have any issues or questions be sure to post them to our support forums on wordpress.org



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