Featured Marketplace: Ethnic District


We are pleased to showcase marketplaces built with WC Vendors. This is to showcase and celebrate the great work of our users and also to show new or potential users what you can build with WC Vendors.

Our latest featured marketplace is called Ethnic District – founded & created by an entrepreneur in Ghana, Africa.

Ethnic District


At 24 years old, Ethnic District founder, Whitney Osei-Akintaju, decided to relocate back to her home country, Ghana, after spending 20 years in the United States. What she discovered in her first few months in Accra, Ghana was a rapidly growing international demand for African products and a stagnant unemployment rate amongst youth adults age 21-35. A lot of entrepreneurs were restricted to selling their items by the roadside or in local shops. With $80, an iPhone and a strong desire to impact, Ethnic District was created on January 1, 2018.

Ethnic District is an online marketplace that allows individuals across the globe to have access to made in Africa and African inspired items at affordable prices, no matter their geographic location. Because of its multiple payout options for sellers, e-commerce development and international shipping assistance for artisans, Ethnic District allows entrepreneurs in even the most remote places on the African continent to scale a successful e-commerce business from a mobile device with internet accessibility.


Currently Ethnic District only offers African products, but it hopes to expand its marketplace to include products from other ethnicities in the near future.




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