WC Vendors Pro v1.5.5

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WC Vendors Pro v1.5.5 is now available for download. We have addressed several bugs in this release as well as introduced a few new features! Including a new variations interface, more store widgets, new dashboard color options and more.

Whats New ?

Dashboard Chart Colors

We have had a long standing enhancement request to add the ability to control the colors for the Orders and products charts on the main dashboard. Instead of randomly generating them numbers, you can now set values for these.

This allows you to better integrate the reports into the look and feel of your theme. Adhering to your own color schemes. The new options are available under WordPress Admin > WC Vendors > Settings > Display > Colors


New Variations actions options

We have had quite a few requests to see if we could simplify the way that variations are created and after a few different tests we have provided 2 ways to display the variation actions on the variations tab for Vendors.  These new menus will also adhere to the hide options on the Product form screen.

The standard single drop down which was our existing actions method and a new grouped option. This splits the different actions into different groups to make it easier to quickly adjust different options for variations.

Single dropdown (default) 

When you select single drop down, your vendors will see the same variations action drop down they have always seen however it is now utilizing select2. The drop down will look like the following



Grouped dropdowns (new option)

When you select grouped drop downs the form will split the different field sets into separate drop downs. This shows your vendors the different options in a easier to understand interface.


More Vendor Widgets

We have been getting requests from our users to include more vendor information in the form of widgets to allow for more control over the design of the vendor store fronts. We have now include two more vendor widgets.

Store social media

The store social media widget provides a link to all social media currently listed in the settings area for the vendors.


Store ratings

This widget allows you to display recent vendor store ratings in the widget.



  • Added: Store social media icons widget
  • Added: Store ratings widget
  • Added: Clear button to order filter $566
  • Added: Add color filter for pie chat colors (#764)
  • Updated: Filter shipping trackers based on allowed countries #646
  • Updated: Page titles to increase usability
  • Updated: Fix filter variations action dropdown (#766)
  • Updated: Replace all references to ‘Vendor’ #730
  • Fixed: Shipping tax calculations are not applying to min/max limits #776 (#784)
  • Fixed: Non-numeric value error with PHP 7.1 and above
  • Fixed: Variations not showing attributes/variables in product form #767 (#785)
  • Fixed: SEO Facebook image option still shows even if it is hidden #780 (#783)
  • Fixed: Added check if variations not defined on product save return from method
  • Fixed: Shop Coupon showing incorrect vendor column information #774
  • Fixed: Order Note – vendors cannot view previous order notes #770
  • Fixed: Shop Description widget doesn’t render HTML #769
  • Fixed: Font Awesome problems store header #761
  • Fixed: Coupon required fields #635
  • Fixed: Handling fee fields Admin and Vendor Dashboard are not accepting percentages (%) #763
  • Fixed: Vendor Application will not submit with required fields #752
  • Fixed: Missing after product media action
  • Fixed: Create Variations from all attributes fails #756
  • Fixed: Unable to use decimals in shipping fields on store settings page

Templates Updated:

Please note: There are template changes in this version so be sure to check your templates!


This update should show up in your plugins updates however if it doesn’t you can download it from your my-account/downloads page.


If you have any questions or issues be sure to send in a ticket.


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