WC Vendors Pro V1.6.5 Released

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WC Vendors Pro v1.6.5 has just been released. The main focus on this release was making our vendor dashboard work on mobile and tablet devices. This release focuses on on addressing some issues we have discovered over the last month.

What’s new?

Responsive Vendor Dashboard

We have spent some time since our last release focusing on ensuring that our vendor dashboard is 100% responsive and works for vendors on mobile devices. We’re happy to report that this is now complete. Vendors can now completely manage their stores from their mobile devices.

We have also added short description and tags to the product download template as this has been requested on several occasions. Remember to update your templates!


We have made a few updates in this release including updating some forms and removing social media that is no longer used. We have also fixed some translation issues for stored strings.

Variation form settings

Variations will now adhere to the Product form settings. So if you hide a field on the simple products, it will also hide on the variations.

Google+ removed

As google+ has been discontinued we have removed it from the social media links for the vendors dashboard and front end store pages.

Translatable labels

We have had several reports that labels stored in the database were not translating and we found this was due to the way we were outputting the values from the database. We have updated how the system outputs these allowing for translations to be loaded even for database values.


We have addressed some issues reported recently related to commission recalculations, orders not showing on the orders tab when shipping is disabled and more.

  • Recalculate commission is using incorrect product price
  • Vendor policies formatting issues on single product tabs
  • Deprecated jQuery calls in javascript files
  • Bug in Vendor Dashboard on mobile for shipping tab
  • Pro dashboard rewrites fail if sub page of free dashboard
  • Orders not showing in orders tab when shipping disabled
  • ‘Free’ Shop Header causing ‘Shop Single Product Header’ option not to work
  • Coupon after action product price incorrect
  • Link to settings page in vacation notice incorrect
  • Commission tiers lookup method
  • Incorrect notice displayed for disk usage exceeded
  • Recalculate commissions not using the order date

Templates Updated

This month there has a few template updates due to our mobile responsive dashboard updates. Please be sure to check your theme overrides.



This update should show up in your plugins updates however if it doesn’t you can download it from your my-account/downloads page.

License Expired ? – Get 20% off your renewal

We appreciate you and your hard work, due to this we recently announced that we will be providing a 20% discount to any and all of our previous customers that have an expired license. To take advantage of this offer, all you have to do is use your expired license key as the coupon code and 20% will be reduced from your renewal price, this 20% off works for annual, two year and even the life time license!   This is not a limited time offer but an ongoing thank you to you, our customers.


If you have any questions or issues be sure to send in a ticket.

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