Celebrating 5 years with 50% Off!

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This month marks the 5th birthday for us here at WC Vendors. To celebrate this major milestone we are giving 50% off our lifetime licenses for the next 2 weeks! What better way to start your new marketplace then with this great offer!

Add any lifetime license to the cart and use the coupon code 5YEARS Happy Savings!

Since the release of WC Vendors back in 2014 we have produced 68 releases of WC Vendors Marketplace and 51 releases of WC Vendors Pro. We have answered over 25,000 support tickets and seen over half a million downloads of WC Vendors Marketplace . We have had contributions from 36 different developers from around the world and counting.

We have expanded our extensions to include support for the most popular WooCommerce plugins. Our most popular add-on Stripe Connect, just got a huge update to be the most advanced connect plugin available for a WordPress marketplace. It allows you to automate your marketplaces payments and payouts to save you time and money!

Whats Next?

WC Vendors Taxes

We are working on a comprehensive tax solution that has gone back to the drawing board more than once, but we’re actively developing this product ready for release last this year. It will include support for TaxJar and Avalara tax calculations.

Major Updates Coming

Now that our code base has been around for a number of years we thought that it was time to update our internals and streamline the two plugins into a more cohesive system. Whats going to be in these updates ?

  • New commission system
  • New order management system
  • New withdrawal system
  • New frontend dashboard consolidated between WC Vendors Marketplace and WC Vendors Pro
  • New support and pre-sales communication tools for vendors
  • A complete REST API
  • New onboarding tools for your vendors
  • Brand new store front designs
  • Consolidated vendor listings page with search functionality
  • Better marketing tools for the marketplace and vendors
  • Support for other popular plugins used by marketplaces

The rest of this year we will be focusing on these major changes while still releasing smaller updates.

Thanks for your support

I would like to thank you for all your continued support over the years. We’re looking for your feedback and requests and welcome any comments you might have. Don’t forget for the next two weeks only, get 50% off any of our lifetime licenses across our entire range of products.

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