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Over the last 5 years, we have had numerous suggestions for features, fixes and updates. What we haven’t had is an easy way for our users to submit these requests and for us to moderate them. I tested a couple of different solutions including developing my own but decided on Simple Feature Requests by James Kemp. This plugin makes it very easy for you to submit a new request and get feedback from us on whether this is something we have planned, will plan or are currently building.

You can vote and comment on the features that interest you and check the status of your existing requests. On top of this you can check the status of any request that you have voted on or submitted.

What do the different status’ mean?

  • Pending – This has been submitted but not reviewed by us yet
  • Published – Available to view but has not had a decision made regarding the request yet
  • Under Review – We are currently having internal discussions regarding the request
  • Planned – We will be introducing the feature at some point
  • Started – We have started development
  • Completed – Development has been completed and is now in the product
  • Declined – This is not a feature we will be adding.

How to submit a request

It’s very easy to submit a feature request to our system, just head over to our new feature requests page. When you submit the request it will search for existing requests to see if you are going to be suggesting a duplicate or not.

Once you have submitted your request it will be marked as pending ready for us to review it. We will take every single request into account and try and provide a comment and reply within 2 weeks of submission.

Moving forward if you’d like to request a feature you can head over to our request a feature page and submit your requests for any product we have, or even a new product idea.

What are you waiting for?

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