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We’re pleased to announce the release of our new affiliate program here at WC Vendors. What does that mean? It means as a blogger, developer or happy user of our products you can now earn a cash from every referral you send our way. Our affiliate program pays out 20% of the sale to our affiliates on a monthly basis.


  • Refer customers to WC Vendors products and earn 20% on each successful sale. No earning caps!
  • We send payouts via PayPal in the first week of the month. Minimum balance is just $100USD.
  • Our cookie lifetime is 45 days giving your referral plenty of time to purchase and ask pre-sales questions.
  • Login to your affiliate dashboard to find your performance reports, download your assets. See up-to-date information easily.
  • We provide high quality banners to get you started in minutes. Add these banners to your site and start promoting right away.
  • We want you to succeed so we’ll provide tips & tricks on how to best promote our products through emails and the dashboard.

Who is this affiliate program for?

This program is for anyone that is a creator who works with our products. The are various types of creators that we are working including plugin developers, theme developers, writers, advertisers and more. Are you a developer that has build integrations or themes for WC Vendors? Then we’d like to make sure that you’re rewarded for your hard work. Do you write about WordPress plugins and themes? Then why not write a a tutorial for one of our products and earn a referral from those.

Are there any limits to the affiliate program ?

Although we want everyone to share the love and earn from referrals there are a few areas that we deep inappropriate and will not be able to join. This includes any coupon sites, any sites that resell our products (null sites) to name a few. You can read our full affiliate program agreement here.

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