WC Vendors Marketplace 2.1.17 released today

WC Vendors Marketplace 2.1.17

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We’re pleased to announce the release of WC Vendors Marketplace 2.1.17. It’s been a little while since our last release as we have been busy working on some major internal updates to improve performance and work towards our new frontend dashboard. This release focuses on some fixes.

What’s New

Sold By Template Tag

We have added a new template tag for sold by template tag making it easier for theme developers to use the sold_by in other areas.


PayPal Adaptive Payments Disabled

We have disabled the Paypal Adaptive payments gateway for anyone that is not already using this system. This is to ensure that new users do not try and use a deprecated system.


Our main focus for this release was fixing a performance issue with large marketplaces. There are several areas of the WordPress admin dashboard that become an issue when there are more than 5000 vendors on a marketplace. Our other main fix was to address a spacing issue with the sold by labels to keep it consistent across all display areas.


Version 2.1.17 - 2nd January 2020

 Added: New template tag for sold by link (#602)
 Updated: Disabled PayPal Adaptive payments #596
 Fixed: text domain on strings
 Fixed: Performance issue in WP-Admin area in large marketplaces #604 (#608)
 Fixed: CircleCI (#606)
 Fixed: Sold by label spacing on single product page #597 


The update will show up in your plugins updates within the next 24 hours from WordPress.org


If you have any issues or questions be sure to post them to our support forums on wordpress.org

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