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GDPR and WC Vendors

You may have heard about a new privacy regulations that’s had the internet and online business world a flurry with activity with regards to the GDPR. So what exactly is the GDPR ? How does this relate to WordPress and WooCommerce ? Is WC Vendors Ready ? Please note this is just for information purposes …

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Payments Explained

A regular question we’re asked here at WC Vendors is which payment gateway is supported? The quick answer is all WooCommerce gateways are supported for payments from customers however there is confusion between what payments are and how they are supported. In WC Vendors there are two kinds of payments that can happen. Payments from …

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WC Vendors Pro Update v1.4.6 October 16, 2017

Version 1.4.6 – 16th October 2017 Added: New Canada providers thanks Derek. Added: Daily option to reports and orders date pickers Added: Action in commission controller Fixed: Check store name before submission #639 Fixed: Admin Default Shipping Settings- Free over $x is being ignored #638 Fixed: Product Search pagination broken #637 Fixed: Coupon Expiry Displayed …

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