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Messaging System

We currently use Product Inquiry to allow potential Buyers to initiate a conversation with Vendors. This works but all communication basically takes place offsite. It would be great if there was a messaging system for Buyers and Vendors to communicate directly and not have to leave the site.

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Shop Analytics

I get asked over and over for shop analytics (how many people have viewed their shop and each product). WCFM dashboard provides this functionality but I prefer not to use another plugin

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A complete REST API to support all vendor actions. This should extend the existing WooCommerce API to allow 3rd party app development and integration’s. This would also allow mobile apps to be developed.

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Have ability to charge for "featured vendor"

Currently, you are able to use shortcodes to set vendors on the front page. However, would it be possible to charge vendors to be “featured”. This was it could automate (via a shortcode) of top vendors who want to highlight their store?

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Vendors to reply to feedback

Currently, the vendors receive feedback/rating from customers, but can’t reply to it. It would be great to give vendors space to reply to the feedback left by customers. This could be as simple as a simple text field on vendor’s rating page. The reply would then get saved to the existing feedback.

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Filter by Vendor

It would be awesome if there was a way to filter products by vendor in the main shop feed

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Integrate Woocommerce Product Addons into Vendor Settings and Product Form

My vendors find woocommerce variations very difficult to understand.Woocommerce Product AddOns are much more simple.Dokan have this integrated so vendors can add product addons to products:https://snipboard.io/eJZX76.jpghttps://snipboard.io/IwFxjX.jpg and they can also add global ones to automatically get added to specific categories or all products to make the process less time consuming:https://snipboard.io/0YgnMU.jpg

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Don't change shop permalink when changing the name of it

Everytime a vendor changes the shop name, the permalink will change as well. This is a big problem for SEO because you have no control over your links and it generates a 404 page for the old shop URL.

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Ask a Question to the a Vendor from their Product Page

It would be really helpful if there was a QA Form on the product page for customers to submit their questions for vendors to answer right on the product page vs forwarding each question to vendors then emailing back their answers to our customers manually etc. this takes so much time! Automation can reduce so […]

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