Add method Pick-Up at the store, or Fresh Product (special type of shipping)

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Add method Pick-Up at the store, or Fresh Product (special type of shipping)

Hi, I would like to let buyers to choose between several shipping methods whic are not only “national vs international” but use of different shipping methods – or no shipping at all (“pick up” at the store, which can be useful for pre-ordering products made according to the volume of orders received). For example, for fresh/frozen products, one shipping method/class would be Chronosfresh (fresh food deliveries in France) and the other would be “take away at the store” (physically = no shipping fees). More globally, the sellers of my shop should have have the following shipping methods (shipping classes set in Woocommerce). I beleive this could be done with a table that is not based on countries, but that is filled by each vendor. – Fresh products (fresh or frozen food deliveries – provided by a third party named Chronofresh in France) – Take away (pick up at the store or pick-up vegetable/fruits in the garden) – Post mail (regular letter or parcel) – Fragile / voluminous (special fee) – more shipping classes in the future depending on products / services The, let’s say we have a fresh product with class ‘Fresh Product” (like, vegetable or frozen food). – The buyer should be able to choose either to pick up at the store or to be delivered according to the Fresh Product method. – If pick up at store: delivery fee = 0 € (this is for pre-orders paid in advance, allowing to produce the exact quantities ordered). – if Fresh/Frozen product: fee of chronofresh (x € flat fee, national only, with the exclusion of islands or some areas difficult to access (no roads, etc) = exclusion of some post codes or regions). – If other method = applicable fee according to the shipping class (for example, you can think about a freelance who owns a refrigerated truck and who organize deliveries in a certain area, like between several villages or between two national areas (e.g. x number of postal codes/villages) I think it could be used to set shipping prices according to weight of different products (eg: if ordered product is heavy = apply special price according to the price of postal services). If you want more info, there is a woocommerce-Chronofresh plugin available here I have emailed them to enquire about future compatibility with WC Vendors but I have received no reply so far. More generally, the number of scenarios is large and – ideally – such function should be editable by each vendor (there is no central warehouse, but a large number of vendors over several territories, and large number of product types and shipping methods). There could also be the need to limit deliveries according to post codes (include post code….., or exclude post codes…..). About different shippers, I have seen that there are plugins for WC vendors allowing to choose multiple shippers (like UPS, DHL etc) so I think this kind of thing is theorically possible ( allow multiple shipping methods that are not based on “national vs international”‘ but whih are methods chosen by each vendor according to his contracts with shippers or possibilities. Good luck 🙂 Kind regards, Mehdi
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