APIs for use in Mobile App development

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APIs for use in Mobile App development

I am currently having an app developed for my Multi-Vendor website and I use WC Vendors. I absolutely love the product. However, there is just one problem. There are no APIs available to incorporate this program into an app. I have hired several different developers to no avail. Each one of them told me that WC Vendors Pro does not have APIs available to allow the Vendor functions in an app. Which leaves me with 2 options: 1, make my website from scratch and not use WordPress or plug-ins. 2, convert my website to a web-view app. Might have to go with the 1st option, as option 2 is not appealing whatsoever. Is this something that is feasible? Thank you
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  1. @plubowicz. There are currently zero options of having an app built for your website if you use WC Vendors unfortunately. Since WC Vendors does not have Rest APIs, there is no way to incorporate its functions into an app. However, I was told that they will be working on Rest APIs in the future. There are other options if you can/want to proceed without WC Vendors though. 1) You could switch to Dokan or another Vendor solution (which i would not suggest simply because WC Vendors is by far the absolute best Vendor solution out there). 2) Hire a developer to create a non-wordpress version of your site (that’s the route I went). A non-wordpress site is much faster, almost zero maintenance needed and you don’t have any of the issues that wordpress creates. I hired 2 guys on Fiverr for this. One guy created a non-wordpress version of my site and created all the APIs needed (including vendors and their dashboards, etc), and the other guy built my app with those said APIs. And it was much cheaper than I ever imagined. I can point you over to those guys if you decide thats the route you need to go. I truly believe the amazing people over at WC Vendors when they said APIs will be coming soon. I just didn’t have the time to wait it out unfortunately.

  2. Hi Trevor,

    Fair point. At this point I do not have the budget for an app as such. I am planning on doing this and I am waiting for these APIs too.

    That is a unique approach to the issue you had, but not sure if that is the option I want to take. This is still a good idea though for the great work wcvendors do. An app integration is something that is important in this day and age.

  3. Hi Trevor, plubowicz

    While we are working on our code refactor that will enable a REST API, there are 3rd party developers that have already built apps and integrations with WC Vendors. The team over at https://appmaker.xyz/ have already built several of these. Building out a rest API that works for vendors can be done independently and we have already had a discussion with a team that is working on this.

    Although having a custom site built can be right for some, I would not recommend it unless you have a highly skilled technical person on your team. The reason for this is that you have no idea if your site is secure as you don’t have millions of people testing and auditing the code as you do with WordPress on a daily basis.

    If you need updates you are now dependent on these two developers. All security of your data for your vendors, customers now falls on you and you alone. You do not have any guarantee that your site and the data is secured or used security best practices. Your site could be compromised and you would never know.



  4. 100% understandable! I just didn’t have the time to wait for the APIs to be developed. I absolutely love everything about WC Vendors. So I literally had to think on it for 2 weeks. But as you said, apps are vital in this day and age. Vendors were really wanting an app, so I had to pull the trigger. I’m hopeful that you’ll be able to wait it out, because Jamie and Co will certainly deliver those APIs and it’ll be glorious. Thats one heck of a crew they have!

  5. Hello Jamie! Yes I am totally aware of everything mentioned. I actually found out that there are tons of people who could create APIs for WC Vendors as you mentioned, but it didn’t sound legal since the developer wouldn’t have been in contact with you. But if that’s something you guys are okay with, I would love to go that route. As you can probably see, I still have a current WC Vendors Membership. Your product is simply too good to just do away with. The route I went was just temporary until you got APIs done so I could end up using WC Vendors again (being non-wordpress is permanent for sure). Also, I’ve greatly touched up my development skills specifically so I won’t have to rely on someone else to manage my site or app. Again, you guys, and or girls, are incredible and I am forever grateful for your amazing product. Excellence all the way around with WC Vendors team

  6. an API for mobile app development is definitely required, why create a growing market place if it wont have an app, its why i am still waiting as well

  7. Hi Trevor,

    We live and work in an open-source world. There is nothing illegal about building plugins, themes, or completely modifying our code. I build WC Vendors to be extensible by 3rd party developers which is why it is possible for others to build integrations. There are a bunch of plugins and themes built for WC Vendors that have never had any contact with us. I find most of them via google alerts and then I reach out to them to work with the devs and list on our site.

    Our first version of the API will focus on providing tools for the vendors to publish their products and manage orders. For customers, you can already develop something using the standard WooCommerce and WordPress APIs.



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