Email Funnel for Marketing & Sales

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Email Funnel for Marketing & Sales

seeing this request gave me the idea One thing I see lacking in most platforms is lack of support for autoresponders ie: aweber, getresponse…. not having an email funnel system that is promoting products is like leaving money on the table. sites are up 24/7/365 so why not have a funnel email that is connected to the marketplace, for a number of reasons. 1: promote new products added 2 products that have been removed 3: email vendor announcements 4; send emails for seller/vendor encouragement 5: send encouragement to affiliates. I cant think for the life of me how a funnel would not be useful. Having some type of funnel that is promoting products, cross-promoting, upsells/downsells, sending announcements… Having the marketplace connected to a 24/7/365 email funnel is like having your own personal pocket ATM, and if a marketplace should have 100k+ subscribers, then they would be making money around the clock. By not having a system such as this, then you are just fighting against the grain by walking up the side of a mountain in a 100mph sand storm. As far as choosing the platform, I would be going with, I’m still undecided. I still have not run across a platform that has a 24/7 ATM included, and I am not interested in going against the grain or walking up the side of a mounstain in a 100mph sand storm…
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