In Table Rate, Add disable states that product cannot be shipped

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In Table Rate, Add disable states that product cannot be shipped

Let’s say, you live in US, you’re a vendor and your products are very fragile, so much that you have to deliver them on your own. Regardless of the table rate’s price. You just can’t waste your time to deliver them on your own in a state where you have to go through so much difficulty and waste of time to deliver without any damage. so the best way to deal with this is to disable specific state. Maybe not many customers of yours seek for this option but let’s be honest, it’s logic and useful. Sure, vendor and customer can communicate to handle this situation but think about transaction of payment, it has to be refund. it takes time. It decrease the value of our websites and it will add more time for support problems. and with this beautiful option, no one needs to communicate, it’s written, the logic is there. everybody understand each other.
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