“Mark Shipped” had a confirmation and the option to undo

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"Mark Shipped" had a confirmation and the option to undo

It would be beneficial if there was a way to reactivate the “Mark Shipped” option in the Vendors Dashboard > Orders > Processing section. Currently if you click on it the text disappears and there is no warning and, as far as I can tell, no way to undo it. It would be helpful if there was an approval step for this, perhaps a popup that confirms that you meant to click on the “Mark Shipped” option (a sort of “Are you sure you want to mark this order as Shipped” Yes / No warning) so that if you clicked on it by accident you have the chance to back out. Finally it would be helpful to have a way to reverse the setting. It could be an Admin level change (no an option for the Vendor) but currently there doesn’t appear to be a way for anyone to reverse this.
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