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Shop Setup Tracker

It’s amazing to me how many vendors will add products and yet not complete 90% of the rest of the setup for their shop (and are then irritated when they don’t get sales…) If there was shop completeness bar of some kind that displayed on the dashboard and would prompt them to to the items […]

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10 votes

Personalisation fields on Products

We have a lot of sellers with personalised products and I’d love to have a feature that allowed sellers to create their own personalised field requesting their required information to complete the product. Thank you

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9 votes

Staff Vendors

It makes sense that Vendors need Staffs to run their store.

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9 votes

Withdrawal System

Create a new withdrawal system that would allow vendors to request a withdrawal to their preferred payment method. Allow minimum balance requirements and other features that marketplaces have for withdrawals.

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8 votes

Allow multiple vendors for same product

Allow multiple vendors for same product. Another vendor would be able to click on “sell the same” on another vendors page in order to allow selling the same product. List of other vendors would appear on the same product page.

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7 votes

Incremental shipping fees for single or multiple purchases in the same cart

Since we start using WC Vendors Plugin which is simply a dream come true software, except we have been losing about 70% or even more of our slues due to a serious problem that buyers end up seeing multiple shipping fees as they add more than one product to their carts! For example, if you […]

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7 votes

Shipping Zone support

Currently, we can use the awesome Vendor Shipping system or 3rd party plugins. It would be great if we could use the built-in shipping zone system from WooCommerce.

6 votes

Share button on shop page

Share button on shop page so people can share the shop url like it is on a product.

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