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Point of Sale for Vendors

Some cases, we want to let our Vendors to sell their products in-store. For that, we need a Point of Sale system so that Vendor’s Products are always in Sync no matter a sale has been made Online or In-Store

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Staff Vendors

It makes sense that Vendors need Staffs to run their store.

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Limit the number of Tags per product

Adding a feature to limit the number of Tags per product will help, otherwise vendors can add hundreds of tags per product.

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It would be great if there was a WC Vendor Freelancers plugin

It would be great if there was a WC Vendor Freelancers plugin so vendors cud offer freelance services for customers who need freelancer tasks, or a Project Managements plugin as well. Something that can help customers to get jobs done by Vendors, or Freelancers.

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Request a Delete Link for Vendors

If we allow vendors just delete their product(s) prematurely without asking us then all that paid marketing with premium SEO and hard work that we have performed for their products will be lost and wasted!! Instead you could make the DELETE button into a “Request A Delete” so when they click on that link then …

Read ArticleRequest a Delete Link for Vendors

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