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Email Funnel for Marketing & Sales

seeing this request gave me the idea Email Funnel for Marketing & Sales One thing I see lacking in most platforms is lack of support for autoresponders ie: aweber, getresponse…. not having an email funnel system that is promoting products is like leaving money on the table. sites are up 24/7/365 so why not have …

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Allow multiple vendors for same product

Allow multiple vendors for same product. Another vendor would be able to click on “sell the same” on another vendors page in order to allow selling the same product. List of other vendors would appear on the same product page.

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Integrate Woocommerce Product Addons into Vendor Settings and Product Form

My vendors find woocommerce variations very difficult to understand.Woocommerce Product AddOns are much more simple.Dokan have this integrated so vendors can add product addons to products:https://snipboard.io/eJZX76.jpghttps://snipboard.io/IwFxjX.jpg and they can also add global ones to automatically get added to specific categories or all products to make the process less time consuming:https://snipboard.io/0YgnMU.jpg

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Email a Notification to Vendor(s) about Shop Announcement

I know you can add a store notice for vendors, but would like to see a way to add an announcement to all shops or individual vendors which then automatically emails the vendor(s) with the announcement too as not all vendors look at their dashboard every day: The announcement in Dashboard: https://snipboard.io/AskWPH.jpg Emailed announcement: https://snipboard.io/mdy1kc.jpg

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Privacy Policy on Vendor Store page

Vendors often ask if they can link to their privacy policy. However the privacy policy is only visible on vendor products so not possible to link to it (unless this has changed recently). Here’s how I would like to see the privacy policy: https://snipboard.io/5Bo7cs.jpg

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Add Store Category that is searchable on All Stores page

Create a new searchable category for vendor stories so that customers can search by store category on the ‘All Stores’ page like in Dokan see screenshot: https://snipboard.io/ViUPn9.jpgI have renamed the store category to values

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