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A Multi-Teacher Plugin for Online Course Marketplace

Since enormous number of people buy, sell, teach, and offer freelance services online, and you already have this multi-vendor plugin then why not create a new lightweight plugin for https://woocommerce.com/products/sensei/ platform for teachers, educators, instructors etc. to offer online courses for students around the globe. All you need is an Online Course plugin for your …

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3 votes

Limit tags for vendors when creating products

Hello, To allow vendors to select some tags for their product but not allow them to create news tags. So they only can chose available tags. my vendors create too much tags and non-espected kind of tags.

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9 votes

Have ability to charge for "featured vendor"

Currently, you are able to use shortcodes to set vendors on the front page. However, would it be possible to charge vendors to be “featured”. This was it could automate (via a shortcode) of top vendors who want to highlight their store?

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6 votes

Shop Setup Tracker

It’s amazing to me how many vendors will add products and yet not complete 90% of the rest of the setup for their shop (and are then irritated when they don’t get sales…) If there was shop completeness bar of some kind that displayed on the dashboard and would prompt them to to the items …

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Add method Pick-Up at the store, or Fresh Product (special type of shipping)

Hi, I would like to let buyers to choose between several shipping methods whic are not only “national vs international” but use of different shipping methods – or no shipping at all (“pick up” at the store, which can be useful for pre-ordering products made according to the volume of orders received). For example, for …

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