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Vendor Booking Reminder

It would be pragmatic to add booking reminder for vendor aswell into the WC Vendors WooCommerce Bookings plugin in the same manner as it is set for customer in WooCommerce Bookings.

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9 votes

Vendors to reply to feedback

Currently, the vendors receive feedback/rating from customers, but can’t reply to it. It would be great to give vendors space to reply to the feedback left by customers. This could be as simple as a simple text field on vendor’s rating page. The reply would then get saved to the existing feedback.

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5 votes

Vendors to be able to set sale

Vendor to be able to set a sale on all of their products at once (e.g. 10% sale). At the moment, they have to either use coupon code, or go to all of their products one by one and change the sale price.

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4 votes

Stripe Connect plugin Direct SEPA support

Add additional payments methods like Direct SEPA with the Stripe connect payment system, so that buyers on the site have more ways to pay and the system will still automatically split the payments

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5 votes

Stripe Connect plugin - Support Express Account

The Stripe Connect plugin currently only supports Standard account setup for vendors. It would very beneficial to support Express account setup as it provides a much easier sign-up flow for vendors and limits the information the marketplace can see in the vendor’s account.

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1 vote

Advanced Product Data tab on Vendor Dashboard

On the WooCommerce Product Data table on the admin dashboard, there is a tab labeled Advanced that has options such as “Menu Order”, “Purchase Note”, “Enable Reviews”, etc. It would be great if we had the ability to bring this Advanced tab to the front-end Vendor dashboard on the product-edit.php page. There is currently no …

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8 votes

Ask a Question to the a Vendor from their Product Page

It would be really helpful if there was a QA Form on the product page for customers to submit their questions for vendors to answer right on the product page vs forwarding each question to vendors then emailing back their answers to our customers manually etc. this takes so much time! Automation can reduce so …

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