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3 votes

set commission by variable type of products

request to set different commissions by variable type of products. I understand one can set different commission rates by product category but my products have variations and many fall into more than one category

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15 votes

Shop Analytics

I get asked over and over for shop analytics (how many people have viewed their shop and each product). WCFM dashboard provides this functionality but I prefer not to use another plugin

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3 votes

Add a template version validator

Woocommerce updates let you know when your theme or other plugins are using out of date templates for woocommerce – this would also be extremely useful for WC Vendors and Pro as currently, I have to rummage through my files to figure out if any changes customized templates have been updated and they are spread …

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4 votes

Shipping by Weight of the product and zone

As our vendors have a lot of sizes and weights of the products, it is very difficult to calculate the shipping cost. It would be better is to do the shipping by weight of the products too. Thank you.

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12 votes

Filter by Vendor

It would be awesome if there was a way to filter products by vendor in the main shop feed

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5 votes

"Mark Shipped" had a confirmation and the option to undo

It would be beneficial if there was a way to reactivate the “Mark Shipped” option in the Vendors Dashboard > Orders > Processing section. Currently if you click on it the text disappears and there is no warning and, as far as I can tell, no way to undo it. It would be helpful if …

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1 vote

Vendor Sale Notification

Can you introduce an option from where I can activate or deactivate sales email notifications for certain vendors?

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9 votes

Personalisation fields on Products

We have a lot of sellers with personalised products and I’d love to have a feature that allowed sellers to create their own personalised field requesting their required information to complete the product. Thank you

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2 votes

Central product database

set a central product database with all of the products my users would sell and then when they go to list a product in their store they would just select one of these items from a drop down or search box or something like that and just enter the amount they had to sell. that …

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18 votes

Messaging System

We currently use Product Inquiry to allow potential Buyers to initiate a conversation with Vendors. This works but all communication basically takes place offsite. It would be great if there was a messaging system for Buyers and Vendors to communicate directly and not have to leave the site.

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