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Shipping Fee range based on the Product Quantity

Our customers and vendors have been asking for the shipping fee range based on the product quantity. So, for example, if the customer purchases 10 or 5 or 20 or 4, etc. products, the shipping fee should be incremental, not multiplying as it does now.

Unfortunately, we lose more than 70% of our sales because we do not have this solution on our website. Vendors are very stressed out over this, and customers are leaving our website because after adding multiple items to the same cart, they see the shipping fee has also multiplied. As a result, very few reach out to us, while the rest doesn’t bother and simply leave.

It would be great to add this solution to your multi-vendor plugin directly as an addon or a separate plugin that could help us solve this problem because none of the shipping tools you have in your plugin helping to solve this issue. Thank you.

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