Shipping Zone support

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Shipping Zone support

Currently, we can use the awesome Vendor Shipping system or 3rd party plugins. It would be great if we could use the built-in shipping zone system from WooCommerce.
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  1. That would be awesome! Easy for clients and vendors

    For example, in Spain we have several islands with different Shipping prices
    Spain (peninsula) around 5$ for a thsirt/pants, etc
    Spain Balearic Islands around 8/9$
    Spain ceuta & Melilla 10%
    Spain Canary Islands around 13$/20$

    So vendors have to introduce state by state in order to change the price (we have 50 states) Also the client has to look down the hole list until find their shipping cost

    I guess is the same with Portugal (Madeira) France (Corcega) Italy (Sicilia, Cerdeña) and maybe with Albion area (GB + Irland) which I guess share a lot of customers

    So that improvement would be great to create Shipping Zones for vendors, in my case for example:
    Spain Peninsula
    Spain Ceuta & Melilla
    Spain Balearic Islands
    Spain Canary Islands

  2. This is a must for international seller, inputting one by one is tedious.

    Even better, it would be great if wc vendors have continents in default list e.g. US Continent, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America. And user can overrride by specific country in the continent as need.

    Also, “Other countries” option would be great.

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