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Philippa Cambers

Hi Ben,

I’m sorry it’s all a bit unclear – thank you for bearing with me! I tried changing to storefront before I posted and it didn’t seem to make a difference unfortunately. The main issue that concerns me is that all the products for the entire store appear in the specific vendor’s store page.

I’m wondering if the main problem is to do with the WC vendors pages ‘vendor dashboard’, ‘shop settings’ ‘orders’ etc not appearing when then plug-in is installed? Is it the case that they should just appear in my pages list like the woocommerce cart, account and checkout pages do when you install woocommerce? And does the vendor, by having access to the shop settings page, have the ability to correct what appears on their shop page? i.e. fix the problem I’m experiencing?

many thanks for your help on this – it is much appreciated 🙂

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