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Karen Thomas

Hi there Jamie,

Thanks for your reply.

1. The main problem is having both the Registration and Log in Form appear together.
That’s confusing for prospective vendors. The Registration form needs to appear on it’s own. I know displaying the Log in and Registration form together will severely affect the number of vendors applying, as it won’t be clear how they apply.

2. The second problem, is for any signed in users wishing to apply to be a Vendor.
As you suggested I do already direct Vendors to the dashboard when they log in (currently free dashboard until we have shipping available). But doesn’t this piece of code only direct Vendors to the dashboard? We have lots of users who are customers who may be logged in after making a purchase. Many of our customers then apply to be vendors. However on the Account page all they will see is their own purchases and no way for them to sign up to be a Vendor. See example below of ‘Recent Orders’ appearing instead of the Registration/Log in forms’:

I wouldn’t want to direct customers to the dashboard when they log in as they may get extremely confused (if not applying to be a Vendor!). But I’d like a nice slick way for them to be able to begin the registration process for a Vendor if they wished.

Good news re Terms and Conditions 🙂



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