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Vendor stores are their own post type and aren’t linked directly to WooCommerce. Kleo and a lot of other themes aren’t overriding layouts the ‘correct’ way so you will have to edit the store template to fix this. You will need to find what kleo is doing to override the standard woocommerce templates and replicate these in the store front. The reason this happens is because of how themes test to do overrides, they are detecting if the current page is a product custom post type or a shop page which our vendor store page is not. I’m still working to see if there is a way we can hook into the complete woocommerce layout for anything but at this point I’ve been unable to find code to tell woocommerce and themes that these are also shop pages.

I’m just fixing some critical bugs that were introduced into 1.0.3 and then I’ll take a look at the kleo theme and give you guys the template override code you need to add to provide the layouts you want.



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