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Kathy Butkovich

Thanks for the quick reply. Ben – I did upgrade to 1.0.3 and it caused my layout to change drastically – HUGE font – everything spread out really wide – a lot wider than my store – and even more disconcerting the Add a Product button didn’t take me to product/edit so I switched back to 1.0.2 which was working fine for me. Jamie – thanks for creating an override for ink. As for what I want to change – I want to be able to make the look more like the original WC-Vendors screen but more specifically – I don’t want to be forced to have things like the Pro Dashboard header be font size 700 and color 404040. Things like this are basic adjustments that need to be allowed so that each owner who buys the plugin can make it fit with the look and feel of their store. I really don’t like that it changes things like the width of the theme I have picked out for my store, but as a plugin that says it can be fully customized I thought I’d be able to adjust the css myself to make it work for me.

As for the path you’ve given me – please be more specific. I have spent hours in your code, following the logic, etc but I have to be honest – I don’t have any idea what you are directing me to.

Thanks Kathy

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