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It’s not the image file sizes that are the problem. It’s the images DIMENSIONS. e.g., pinup girls, they are 600x900px images and you’ve got 4 wide for 2400x900px. That chews up browser memory and your bandwidth which makes your site load slower than hell. Which, it is, slower than hell right now. It’s very laggy scrolling as a result of the wrong image size/dimensions being used. Crop them images down to a reasonable dimension and dont use full sized images everywhere. 🙂

Next, you have 52 plugins installed. FIFTY TWO! Holy shit, batman! Granted, 37 are active, but WordPress has to read and load *all* of them to load your site. Every time someone visits a page. It’s a hell of a strain on a webserver. And some of them are pretty heavy resource plugins, like Gravity Forms, iThemes Security, myCRED, Revolusion Silder, Visual Composer, Fastest Cache, Slimstat, and Yoast.

You’re basically trying to make your site work like a Ferrari, but instead, are driving a Hooters bus with 100 seats and lots of luggage for the girls suitcases.

Now let’s look at the other problems.

1.) You dont have a my-account page set. WooCommerce requires one. Things wont work right without it.

2.) Your database has no query cache, which means all your database calls are going to be incredibly slow. (query_cache_size = 0 is current setting)

3.) The “Sexy Author Bio” plugin is throwing four errors on every page.

4.) Your homepage requires 109MB of memory every pageload. (this is a problem of too many plugins)

5.) You’re using GoDaddy for webhosting. Another huge reason the site is slow. GoDaddy will put around 5,000-10,000 websites *ON ONE WEBSERVER*. How fun is that? 🙂 But hey, it is only $3 a month right?

6.) The reason your vendor dashboard pages didnt work is because you added the shortcode within Visual Composer and it was wrapping it as regular text. Visual Composer = EVIL. Stay away from that crap. 🙂 You changed it yourself on October 4th at 4:51pm according to your revisions log. 🙂

Hope this doesnt sound like we’re ripping into you, it’s just that there are soooooo many issues on your site from the number of plugins, to the mysql configuration, to the webhosting company, to the image sizes, you’ve got your work cut out for you.



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