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Hi Nile,

– Do I have to use WC Vendors in order to use Stripe Connect, or will it work standalone? We have a website selling with Woocommerce, and we allow vendors to create products. We also want vendors to authorize their stripe accounts as part of the registration process, and for commissions to automatically be paid to them based on the sale of their products. Our Stripe Commissions & Gateway plugin is intended for use with only WC Vendors Free or WC Vendors Pro. It will actually work by itself, without WC Vendors, though there’s no real reason to use it, as there’s free Stripe gateways that will do the same thing. WooThemes recently made their Stripe gateway free, I’d recommend that if you’re not using WC Vendors. If you want to pay your vendors with Stripe, though, ours is not only the best, it’s the only. 🙂

– Can I insert the Connect to Stripe button in other places on the site? We have a vendor registration page, and would like to include this button on that page. Yes, but not in this fashion. It wont let the vendor connect to Stripe during registration since registration takes them to stripe’s website, and then returns them to yours once completed. It would screw up your vendor registration page and make vendors have to start over again. You can hook into other parts of the Free or Pro Dashboard and show the button any where else you like though!

– Is there a free version that I can try out? Or a demo? – Nope! Never really considered a Stripe demo. It’s literally nothing more to see than a button vendors click connect, and then the checkout page that shows a credit card form on your site. It’s about as exciting as watching grass grow. 🙂

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