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Our registration stuff works pretty well for most everyone.

If you want it to be REALLY custom, you can. Remember, the only thing our registration process does is just ask for stuff like the store name and description and all that. You can customize this process in three ways:

1.) Unhook us from /my-account/ and use your own registration plugin and register vendors/customers/whomever that way. You dont need to use /my-account/ and you dont need to use the Apply to become a vendor checkbox. All a vendor is, is a user with the role vendor.

– or –

2.) Customize the WC Vendors Pro application template any way you see fit. However, this will not “register” the user, we require the user to be registered from /my-account/ and then they fill out our /dashboard/ form. This does not meet your “get rid of the apply to become a vendor” part.

SO, #1 it probably is. Find a nice registration plugin and go nuts. 🙂 There’s a dozen (or more) on wp.org/plugins for free.

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