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The my-account page is a WooCommerce page. It is whatever page you have assigned here: wp admin > woocommerce > settings > accounts: My Account Page
You can direct your vendors to login there. That is also where you can direct applicants.

If you have your shortcodes set correctly, the vendor dashboard should be a front-end page.
The add product function/page, however, in WC Vendors free does lead to the back-end.
If you want fully front-end forms, those are in WC Vendors Pro. WC Vendors Pro enables the vendor to be able to manage their store and products completely from the front end.

If you still have questions or believe you are seeing a page in error, then please reply with your WooCommerce System Status (wp admin > WooCommerce > system status) and some screenshots of what you are seeing when you access the vendor dashboard link.

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