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It looks like the deposits capacity would not be supported within Bookings- there is a separate plugin used for WooCommerce for Deposits: https://woocommerce.com/products/woocommerce-deposits/
And it is compatible and can work in conjunction with WooCommerce Bookings.
HOWEVER, I’d need to ask out lead developer how deposits would and/or if they *could* work with WC Vendors at this point.
You are actually talking more in terms of a refundable deposit, though- and I am guessing if you are running a marketplace with these, then those would NOT be a part of the funds that would have commissions taken form them by the admin (vendor would get 100% of the deposit).

So– it is a configuration that may not need the extra plugin. Instead, a separate “deposit” product could be attached, with 100% commission, and then the full payment would be completed.

Anyway I am not certain exactly how this would come together- but I believe it is possible.

Yes- we do get a lot of questions regarding the WooCommerce Bookings Extension time frame. I understand- but I really do not know when it will be completed. WooCommerce is about to release a new version that has a LOT of changes– so we have to prepare for that first.
I know that much of the work for the Extensions has already been completed- so it is well under way.

That is- truly- the best idea I can give you- which is not much, but that’s all I know!

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