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Admittedly, I am lost.
1. if you share code, please use the button in the toolbar ^^ that says, CODE before and after your code sections..
This will format the code correctly. 😉

2. Please go to github, and (if you do not already have an account) make and account. Create a GIST. Save it. Then paste the URL of that gist in a reply here. That will show me the code you have in one neat place so I can see it.

Although I am not certain I can help you, as this code is
A. not ours
B. This goes beyond WC Vendors support. We only give you a few tips on how to integrate buddypress with the vendors.. but beyond that– that’s not our playground.

I can’t help much until I can see this code all together, so please create a GIST. Keeping your code in that format will also help you in the future when you are working with code.