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Ok… I am confused. in the screenshot you show above.. it clearly says, “Country Table Rate” in the drop-down. Shown in your screenshot. Right there— it says Country Table Rate.
Yet you said that you cannot find table rate. That is the table rate. Country Table Rate.

Am I missing something?

Please slow down a bit. You’re not going to build this site in a few days. It will take some time.

You will not find that the WooCommerce plugin you just bought will allocate the shipping to the vendors as you wish; it will pay admin. The vendors cannot set complicated table rates.

We have the country table rate Vendor Shipping, or Flat Rate.
Country Table Rate allows vendors to set country rate shipping for each country they ship to. Flat rate is straight forward: one rate for international, one for national. this can be overridden on a per product basis, so if a product costs less or more than the vendor’s default rates, they can adjust for that product.
Our Vendor Shipping allows for the shipping funds to be properly allocated and disbursed to vendors at checkout (or set aside as “due” for manual or scheduled payments).

The WooCommerce table rate plugin will not do that.

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