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Hi Anna,
Thanks so much for your patience! SO, we got to test the code for the profile button and unfortunately there were some problems. But maybe you have another solution!

Just to review from our last convo, this is what the code you provided was supposed to do: “So…. If you put these two code snippets in your child theme functions.php, that will remove the non-working button from the top of the product page / banner area, but leave it on the actual store page banner. The link for “view my profile” will still be in the product meta area of the product page.”

Here is what actually happened:
1) The first piece just adds a second “View Profile” button to the vendor’s store header (store page) which was actually working just fine already. My associate believes that we need a piece of code to create that same button on the product page. See screenshot.

2) The second piece does not actually fix the “View Profile” button, but instead adds another copy of the link in the meta information. This link was already working as well. The button still points to a non-existent location. (Oops page). See screenshot. I have included arrows to show where each of the buttons is pointing.

To sum up, It looks like we need a code for the “View Profile” button in the header of the product page to work exactly like the View Profile button in the header of the Vendor page (store page).

Is there any possible solution for this? Thanks so much Anna!

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