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I went through every step in the set up guide again. One problem is that the guide is out of date. Stripe has a new format now and the instructions don’t correlate exactly. I believe I was able to get done what needed to be done but I’m still having the same issues. I tried it in both Test and Live modes. Stripe uses different terminology (Development and Production) so it’s not clear which is Test and Live (I assumed Development was test and Production was Live). There is also no longer an “App menu” in Stripe that I can find as suggested by your set-up guide but I found the client IDs in the Platform Settings under the Connect section. When I clicked on the Connect to Stripe button in the vendor dashboard in test mode it did pop up a Stripe screen and ask me to connect with a notice that it was in development mode. When I input my credentials I went back to my vendor dashboard and it still said I was not connected. When I tried it in Live mode, it does nothing, just goes back to the Vendor Dashboard page.

Am I able to be connected to Stripe as both the WooCommerce store admin AND a frontend Vendor?

If so, I’m going to need some additional assistance or an updated guide.

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