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Who’s your host?
No- I have your admin credentials- so I can get the system status if needed.
I think we are looking at a bigger issue.
Save anything that means anything to you on the site. I think we will need to work together and get you started with a fresh install. I know you have done this before 🙁 — but there are things installed that could be the issue.

We need a completely unaltered version of WooCommerce, WC Vendors and WC Vendors Pro set up.
With a completely unaltered Storefront theme.
THEN.. we can go step by step.

But I think we should do this together somehow to make sure nothing happens at all that would could be the culprit for the issues your site is having.

Plus if we do this together, then you can learn along the way and know how to do some of the things you will need to do on your site anyway. Or else, you’re right– you are dangerous. 😉

What would be a way that you would be able to connect? Email? Phone? Some other method of chatting?
And if you do not wish to do that, we can work here– but it will be a bit more difficult. But doable.