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Thanks, @fervous. I will be amazingly happy when somebody who sell somthing be more explicit in the communication about this kind of subtil things. If somebody say that free version is WPML compatible, and do not says that the PRO is not, we the customers, or portential customers, can imagine with reason that both are compatible. Am I wrong?

When I read some non-free add-on documentation in WordPress world I feel like I was reading a legal paper, with a lot of “fine print”, and this is not good at all. I think is not necesary: Wc Vendors and other plugins are very good and very useful, and can warn about known erros or incomplete features.

Multiple translations is one of the more required features of WPML. Why don’t warn about this? I say this with the only intention of colaborate with the developers community. I often have this kind of issues in multiple cases with multiple add-ons.

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