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Those are all due to the fact that the product-edit.php templates and the store-settings.php templates are being overridden by BuddyBoss.
I have helped a lot here and on the facebook page with the BuddyBoss OneSocial/Social Marketplace and I am not sure what else to say, other than these are things you will have to bring up to them, because I do not know how the MangoPay fields need to be added in. If you were to switch to the Storefront theme temporarily, do the MangoPay fields show? If so, then you will need to talk with BuddyBoss.

I like to help, Julien- but there comes a limit when I cannot continue to assist with another company’s product. 🙁

If you want to use their theme and the marketplace plugin that comes with it, great. But if you wish to make a lot of customization, as you have, then it gets very complicated since they add in a lot of their own functions and actions, and they override almost all of our templates.

ReHub: I think there are some users who enjoy the ReHub:Vendor set-up….but you WILL find the same issues there- that theme is even more difficult to modify than the BuddyBoss set-up, Julien. Is it good? Yes- if you want to NOT customize it. If you do, the way they have overridden the templates in the ReHub theme is even more complicated than BuddyBoss.

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