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I purchased and installed this theme a short while ago, it is a really great theme. Very rich in features and on top of this the support is above and beyond! The author have stretched far beyond what would be expected and at one point even created custom solutions in his theme to solve my needs (and probably other users too). I didn’t even ask him for the custom solutions, It came as a surprise about two days after my inquiry…
I can hands down say that this is the absolutely best support I have ever received from anyone that have not been an employee of mine.

The theme is extremely rich in (optional) functionality and needs some setting up to make use of all the advanced features. However the step by step guides with text and images provided on his website dedicated to marketplace configurations, WPSoul.com, makes this pretty straight forward. It also have great buddy press integration, and is a great option for sites that only need buddy press integration without a vendor integration. It is also bundled with other plugins from the author to bring further functionality.

It comes with several child themes that caters to different requirements and tastes when it comes to design and functionality. The style elements of Re:vendor, that I have used, are very good and does not “dominate” the site. Leaving a visual room for the content and functions to come through in a way that is easy for the users to navigate.

With very advanced functionality at a very reasonable cost compared to the competition, and great support and fast development I can warmly recommend the rehub theme!

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