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Filipe Coelho

Hello Ben, Anna, Jame, gturban

As I was replying to your post I thought the message would be private for you, and not for WC support team.
What I wrote I think it must not be public. It was just addressed to you.

I don’t think I must post here, publicly, to every one, any question but the ones related directly with WC Vendors, including any compaction with other options.
I don’t know if we could, some how, share other information related to our own interest…?

But I think we can get a lot information here, as this support team is very efficient, direct and more than helpful.

One thing I can tell you : As I study a little beat before I ask questions, I have already got others support teams lying about the capabilities of their product. True!
I never saw this here.

Ben, Anna, Jame :
Related to WC Vendors Pro, I would like to know these:

1 – Can Admin restrict vendors from assigning more than one category to a product ? (each product can belong just to one category)
2 – Can vendors add external products ?
3 – Is your plugin compatible with “Measurement Price Calculator” Plugin ?(https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/measurement-price-calculator/#section-5)
4 – I Want to order a new customized woocommerce shipping method so it can be used in a Split cart items ( vendor-wise split), i.e. from the same order via multiple shipping methods ( vendor-wise method).
Is it possible to make this new method compatible with your plugin, some how?
5 – Does your plugin handle refunds ?
6 – Can vendors invoice buyers?

Thank You

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