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Aaron Roessler

This is almost what I need 🙂 Maybe you can help tweak this a bit. My Register form has a checkbox for Terms and Conditions but it only shows up when the user checks a box “CHECK THIS TO SELL ON REUSESB”. I would like the Terms and Conditions checkbox to always be visible and be required by both regular non-vendor signups and vendors.

I have this code in my functions that displays the first checkbox “CHECK THIS TO SELL ON REUSESB”

add_filter( 'wcvendors_vendor_registration_checkbox', 'custom_wcvendors_vendor_registration_checkbox', 10, 1 );
function custom_wcvendors_vendor_registration_checkbox( $message ) {
    $message = ' <i class="fa fa-hand-o-left fa-lg" ></i>  CHECK THIS TO SELL ON REUSESB';
    return $message;

MY PAGE HERE… https://reusesb.com/my-account/