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Hi Anna

I have duplicated my custom “customer-processing-order.php” file, renamed it “vendor-new-order.php” and put it into the location you suggested just to test what is going on. (I have some custom wording in my customer-processing-order.php file so this allows me to track what is going on).

The result is that my custom email (with all the custom wording) is now sent to the vendor (good news as this shows that the path you have provided is the correct one) – However, while everything else has changed, the table showing the order details remains the same as it was in the default vendor template!!! Everything is being overrideen EXCEPT for the table! So annoying!

I don’t understand! How can I change the order details table in the email to vendors to reflect the same table that is sent to the customer?

Thank you again for your time, I’m sure this is just as frustrating for you as it is for me ?

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