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Can a vendor print coupons?
Can a vendor send an email to customer with coupon data ?

Yes- I am sure they could. We do not have anything built-in to do this, but you can custom provide something for your vendors or encourage them to keep in touch with customers and send coupon codes.
Since the coupons are created with a name or code, this could be done by the vendors.

Can the admin manage vendors coupons ?

Not without logging in as the vendor and going to their dashboard. Essentially, no.

You’ve got a small “bug” in the PRO dashboard.
If woocommerce coupons is disabled and you keep WC Vendors Coupons management activated, the “Add Coupon” button appears, but the tab “Coupons” is hidden. ?

No bug- that’s how it is built.
But—- you and I BOTH just learned this. If I had known this, it would have been much easier to help me help you figure out why your coupon link was not showing in your pro dashboard. I did not know this until just now, and did not think of looking into that the other day when I spent about 1/2 hour on your site trying to figure out why it was not working.. DUH!!! 😛
Well, now we know.

Also, now you can set up a local site with DesktopServer and test, test and break sites and make new ones. 😉

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