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@fervous I’ve just tested every vendor, and it does appear to only occur with (some) vendors that existed before the update. For Lilly, the strange thing is it now shows up instantly when I press on Orders – up even before I play around with the dates. For the other vendor we created and did some orders prior to WC update, the error sometimes shows up and sometimes doesn’t. And for the sample vendors installed by BuddyBoss, with fake orders created in January 2016, it doesn’t show up., although for one of them I did see the error in the attached screenshot.
Are you sure this error is caused only by something connected to orders dating before the major update? If so, I can live with that; but I’d love some reassurance that this isn’t going to happen once we have real vendors uploading real products (which will be happening very soon).
P.S. Thanks for fixing up the SG caching, I’ll keep the pro-dashboard exclusion.

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