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@fervous @CANYASA
I hope you don’t mind me jumping in this thread. I noticed today that we’ve been having the same issue (because we’re in development, it took me time to notice).

A few observations:
– As Yasa said, this is definitely happening only with variable products. I changed a couple of variables to simple and they worked just fine.
– The problem described here (https://www.wcvendors.com/help/topic/variable-products-shipping-still-going-to-me-admin/) is causing the problem described in this thread. Step 1: Shipping from variable products gets sent to the admin; Step 2: Following this, the vendor-new-order email shows $0.00 for both shipping and commission. (However, the vendor can see their commission on the vendor dashboard).
– The problem began some time between Feb 15 and March 7 (for us at least). I see that doesn’t exactly coincide with a WC Vendors update, although I guess it’s possible I pressed update during this period.

Hope this helps and that we can find a quick solution!

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