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Ok- the first step in debugging is to deactivate all plugins except WooCOmmerce and WC Vendors.
Now test.
If the issue is gone, then activate the plugins again one by one- testing after each re-activation. When you see the issue again, you will know which plugin is causing the conflict or issue.

If the issue is still there after deactivating the plugins, then switch temporarily to the Storefront theme. https://wordpress.org/themes/storefront/

Do you still see the issue?

You do have a lot of plugins installed… but I also see that your theme has outdated templates. SO even if switching themes does not solve this particular issue, see if the theme has an update available– if not, please let them know that there templates are outdated. There were a lot of changes made in WooCommerce’s recent update, so if the templates are not updated, this could cause you some issues with displaying the product pages correctly.

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