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I think there is definitely a misunderstanding. PayPal Adaptive is included with both free & Pro. No- that is not all there is to Pro AT ALL.. I am not sure what I said to make you think that. I am confused…

Please, let’s try and resolve this issue.

The screenshot you showed me above.. this one:


That is showing the FREE Wc Vendors dashboard page.

Is that the dashboard you will be using for your vendors?

Or are you going to be using the (much better!!) Pro dashboard?

If you will be using the Pro Dashboard, you need only have to use two check boxes to completely remove the paypal email field for the vendors.

wp admin > woocommerce > wc vendors > settings form
wp admin > woocommerce > wc vendors > signup form
On those pages there is a checkbox: PayPal Email
check that on those pages and it will hide the paypal email field on the pro dashboard and the vendor signup/application forms.

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