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Welcome to WC Vendors. 🙂
1. You will need to install a plugin called User Role Editor https://wordpress.org/plugins/user-role-editor/ and activate it.
2. Change all of your current vendors to the role of shop manager (temporarily).
3. Go to: wp admin > users > user role editor.
4. Now, go to the right tab buttons and select DELETE ROLE
5. Drop down, you’ll see Vendor (vendor) and Vendor (dc_vendor) Our “vendor” role is just vendor. WC Marketplace’s role is dc_vendor
6. Remove dc_vendor
7. Also remove dc_pending_vendor and dc_rejected_vendor

Now, if/when you have WC Vendors installed.. go to wp admin > woocommerce > system status > tools and click RESET WC VENDORS ROLES

Now go through and make sure all of the pages from wc marketplace are trashed and deleted.

Let me know if you can get WC Vendors working after going through these steps. 🙂

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