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Malavika Gupta


I hope you get a chance to look at the above issue, its a major one. Tax is getting deducted twice on shipping, one of which is showing on the invoice while the other is not showing but still getting deducted from the customer’s account. The taxes on shipping is not getting transferred to the vendor, it is left with the Admin. Only the tax on the product is given to the Vendor. I have been able to replicate this issue over and over. I also purchased and installed your Stripe to check if the issue is something associated with Paypal but the same thing happens with Stripe.

I also want to test orders with more than one vendors but I cannot move forward with the testing until this issue is resolved. I need to first set things right for one vendor. I have already wasted 4 months with WC Marketplace. They have a lot of issues in their marketplace and I just got fed up finding all errors for the last 4 months. I like how robust your Marketplace is, just a few issues which I am facing needs to be resolved. I have to get my project live on May 22.

I would appreciate it you could look into this asap.


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