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Thomas Thai

Thank you for your reply Anna.

I did hear back from Calum A. from Ultimate Member (UM) with my pre-sale question with regard to the conflict. My intention was to buy a few if not their entire bundle.

Thanks for getting in touch. We’ve never used WC Vendors before so cant say if it is a conflict with free or paid version. Unfortunately plugin conflicts do happen as there are 30,000+ plugins all made by different developers. You may have to hire a freelance developer to write custom code to get both plugins to work on site at same time.

I am going to refrain from sharing my thoughts on his response with regard to pre-sales and customer acquisition, customer service and complacency.

To follow up with your recommendation, which I did see from another post a few years ago.

That control is under:

Admin Panel / Ultimate Member / User Roles

You click on one of the user roles to enter the “User Role Edit” screen. There is a box in the far right: “Sync with WordPress Role.” That’s where you can choose the WordPress role to sync with this Ultimate Member role.

I did sync the UM Member role with WordPress’ (WP) Vendor role. That had no impact to resolve the initial issue. If it was a role issue, the other two buttons, “View Your Store” and “Store Settings” will be have the same way.

Thank you for any further thoughts. I appreciate your effort. This is how pre-sale or customer service should be. Because of your service, I am tempted to buy your Pro version to see if the code there for the Vendor Panel uses different code and would fix this issue. Obviously I’m concerned that it shares the same codes and I’m still stuck. :/

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